Art Direction & Design: Catie Takimoto, Copy: Megan Youngblood


Reenvisioning One for One

10+ years ago TOMS revolutionized social corporate responsibility with the simple idea that for every pair of shoes purchased, one would be donated to a person in need. This concept evolves TOMS giving model to resonate with the next generation of changemakers.

TOMS Project v2_Page_3.jpg

The Icon of TOMS

TOMS ideation came from seeing local children barefoot in Argentina and it's first logo took visual cues from the Argentinian flag. We are taking that logo and evolving it create iconic recognition. The two bars embody the One for One idea distilled it into visual form. TOMS logo is now designed to scale from it's humble roots in Venice, California to a global company. It also is reminiscent of an equal sign and harkens to TOMS mission to live for one another.

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A New Way to Give

TOMS will continue to donate shoes, but will expand beyond One for One and give people what they want—a choice. People want to use their purchasing power to show what they support. By partnering with influencers and targeting local organizations who have worthy causes, TOMS will leverage their influence within their spaces. E.g. Karlie Kloss who supports girl's education in S.T.E.A.M. programs and Chance the Rapper's who focuses on the Chicago Public School System.

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TOMS 2.0

Brand design elements include a soft, elevated palette with textural elements to maintain a human touch (e.g. handwriting, kraft paper, and water painted swashes). Layouts are cleaner, and simpler with a focus on the new way to give back and the people who support it. Product photography highlights the silhouette. Editorial models are candid, not stiff or posed—they are relatable and appealing to the consumer. Influencers can and should be more direct—they are proud to be a part of TOMS new initiatives, which support causes near and dear to their hearts.