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2018: my year of wellness


2018 Wellness Goals (UPDATE 10/3/2018)

1. Financial Wellness

  • ✅Start investing

    • Wealthfront 👈 Use my link and get $5k managed for free

      • Wealthfront is a robot advisor that calculates age, risk level, and retirement spending and puts together a plan for retirement. It automatically buys investments (mainly low cost Vanguard ETFs). I’m especially excited for the buying a home and saving for college feature to rollout soon! First $10k is managed without a few, after that it’s 0.25%...much lower than any wealth management advisor would charge!

    • ✅Max out Roth IRA, 401K, and tax advantaged savings accounts

      • ✅ 2017 Roth IRA

      • ✅ 2018 Roth IRA

  • ✅NO spending

    • No clothes or anything not deemed a necessity

    • Can replenish items as they run out, but not in excess

    • Can accept donations/gifts

    • Can buy gifts for others

    • Can use gift cards to make purchases

    • Can spend on experiences, e.g. food and activities

  • ✅Build credit

  • Maximize rebates (Get easy, FREE money back!)

2. Physical Wellness

  • ❌Take vitamins daily

  • ❌Only water/soda water when out

    • The year of vodka sodas!

  • ✅Moisturize/sunscreen/eye cream daily

  • ❌8 minute abs, 5x/wk

  • Q4 Goals

    • ✅BBG Beginner (4 weeks)

    • ❌BBG 1.0 (12 weeks)

    • ❌Drink 75 oz of water per day

    • ❌Meditate Daily

3. Mental Wellness

  • ❌3 vacations, MINIMUM! Use that PTO

    • ✅Portland

    • ✅Hawaii

    • International???

    • High Sierra Camp?

  • ❌Personal monthly relaxation

    • Massages

    • Wii Spa?

    • Bath time

  • ✅Give less fucks about dating

  • ✅Figure out career path and put a plan into action by 10/31

    • Learn more about UX/UI

    • Update/maintain portfolio

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